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September 16, 2006

A Productive Week

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This week has been fruitful and I feel I have made a load of progress towards getting the coaching training off the ground. Sunday saw me finish the site off. You can visit now and find a site now exists!

I have also done a load of coaching, taken on a couple of new clients, and have done an issue of Connected as well. I love writing Connected. As much as it takes ages to put together, people seem to like it and I know it gets circulated round a few hundred people now. Not a global audience for sure, but better than ten!

So, now I am just a month away from the coaching course training, it is time to step things right up. Until next time….

August 29, 2006

The summer of 2006, one to remember, one to forget…

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Dear readers, you are probably wondering what a cryptic kind of title that is. Well, it has been months since I last added pixels to my blog. So much has happened. So much wonderful, so much painful. Weatherwise, we’ve had an uncomfortably hot July, with temperatures hitting over 90 every day in my office, so I chose to avoid it completely where ever possible! August has been much cooler and wetter, but nonetheless, there have been some lovely days.

The wonderful stuff has included finally selling our home in Devon, after 13 months of anxst, struggle and hardship of running two houses, one occupied, one not! Wow, thank goodness that is over! My daughter’s SAT results were also a joy, based on a lot of hardwork on her part, so I am very proud. Mixed in with that was the bitter sweet moment of knowing within 2 days that firstly I was to be a father again and 48 hours later that the pregnancy was ectopic rendering my wife in hospital and in a lot of pain. Fortunately she is ok, but the reality could have been so much worse.

As for coaching, I have done a lot recently, much more than for a while. It is very satisfying to get progress reports from clients you’ve not worked with for 18 months who are still doing great, so that has been a real highlight!

I have resolved to write a lot more in the Blog. It forms an important part of my thinking process and although I’ve not done so for ages, I’ve missed it. I’ve missed a lot of things this year due to the strain of the house, the baby that wasn;t to be, a lot of courses, meetings, driving around and so on. I will also put another issue of Connected out. The world is ready for more of me!

May 2, 2006

Online Shop

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I had an interesting call this morning from a potential client who wanted to pay online, but didn't know where to start!

So, I decided to add my own online ordering to the site. It's simple, uses Paypal, but it works!

Making Procoach work also means being innovative too, so it will be an interesting observation to see how many people use it.

April 30, 2006

The Art of Happiness

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I’ve spent some time today reformatting my google advertising. Google is mega complicated when it comes to advertising strategies. Interestingly, just doing a search for happiness, has meant over 200 people have searched on that term alone. The search for happiness goes on. Even on a Sunday!

April 28, 2006

Where have the last 3 weeks gone?

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This is going to be the first post I have managed in ages…not through lack of effort, or time, simply lack of memory!

Loads has happened in the past 3 weeks. I’ve done a fair bit of coaching, which has gone pretty well. I’ve said hello to some new clients and goodbye to some others who have completed their work with me. I’ve also, unexpectedly, been asked to become a donor of bone marrow. I went on the UK register 5 years ago. I never expected to be asked, but I have, so I will. I’ve gone for some tests this week and if all points to a positive final match, then someone is going to get a piece of me, quite literally! It is an honour knowing I might have the resources within to save someones life.

I’ve been busy tinkering with new ideas for the procoach site. Writing your own site is a challenge, making it a marketing success is another. I am getting there! It takes time and patience, but page views are increasing steadily, enquiries are improving too.

I think it is going to work just fine.

Until next time, ciao!

April 7, 2006

Now I can write again!

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Good evening! It has been a few days I know, but I had to prepare and deliver my first workshop for Procoach. Spring Clean Your Life went really well – 25 attendees and some follow on work afterwards. I am really pleased. I've switched browsers to Firefox, and wordpress doesn't crash my desktop browser now. I'll be writing more often!

March 23, 2006

What a busy day!

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It has been an amazing day today. I just love it when I am really busy. I’ve done loads of coaching work today, had some decent enquiries, had some personal victories and some money came into the business today too. I love days like this, in fact, I love days which aren’t like this too.

 I get a sense of wellbeing knowing I am heading in the right direction, even if on the day, there have been obstacles or hurdles. We all have blips and downturns, so long as the path is generally upward, the rest are opportunities to learn and grow.

Writing my book

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I’ve had an idea for a book floating round for ages. Last year I committed a load of stuff to text, but never did anything more with it. So the book is on its way now. Thats it. I’ve decided. I’m 17 pages in so far. Doesn’t sound a lot, but this isn’t going to be a novel. Some of the best books I have ever read are simple, straightforward and really make their mark.

I am full of joy and enthusiasm for this project. I’ll keep you posted!

March 17, 2006

Spring Clean Your Life

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I’m really pleased – I’ve sold a third of the tickets for Spring Clean Your Life so far. Planning events of your own is always a great way of confronting your gremlins – how many people will turn up? Will people buy in to what you are telling them? My inner voice is telling me I can overcome all of this, so come and see me in action! 5th April 2006 @7.30pm – Winchester Guildhall.

March 16, 2006

It has been a few days…

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I’ve no idea why, but wordpress has been crashing everytime I’ve tried writing, so the trusty laptop has been wheeled out. Over the past couple of days I’ve done some really interesting coaching with both existing and new clients. It has been great noticing the way people try to defend the behaviours they asked you to coach them on. It’s really common and challenging the behaviour by pointing out the language the client is using about it is an effective way of moving on. Showing the client their blind spot in this way is a gentle reminder of why they asked you to help them in the first place!

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